Drones for Poaching Surveillance in South Africa root May 15, 2018

Drones for Poaching Surveillance in South Africa

Africa, a place being entitled the kingdom of animals. Even the awareness of animal protection is rising, but driven by high profits, the poaching behavior hasn’t been affected too much. Luckily, there is a group of people concern about this, our African client is one of them, he is doing trade business all over the world and owns a charity company.

One of the traditional ways to monitor animals is to put cameras separately, which is not really an economical way considering the risk of being trampled by animals or being poured by rain. Besides, there is this live monitoring trouble due to the internet limitation. While with drones, the petrol work will be much easier and efficient, and the investment will be averaged later by the years’ usage, it will worth every penny, let alone the endangered animals are priceless.

The purchasing of MMC drones has already listed on this client’s schedule, also the stable performance of MMC agricultural drone has evoked his business interest, he will share this information will his official clients after coming back to Africa.