MMC Flying High with Drone Tether System root May 24, 2017

MMC Flying High with Drone Tether System

SHENZHEN, China – Commercial drone manufacturer MMC, a technology leader in eliminating flight endurance limitations, introduces the T1 Tether System a direct power supply system for prosumer drones.

The T1 Tether System

As the innovator behind the first hydrogen fuel cell drone to market, MMC has been a major contributor to industry development in overcoming the limitations of battery power. The latest product in MMC’s solution set is the T1 Tether System, a direct power supply system providing drones with unlimited endurance – a potential 24/7 flight time.

“MMC has taken an active role in eliminating the endurance bottleneck of Li-Po battery-powered drones,” says Leo, Liu, MMC’s CEO.  “The T1 Tether System provides an inexpensive solution for extending flight times and drone applications – it opens up a lot of opportunities in the commercial market.”

Supporting most prosumer drones including MMC TDrone 1200, the DJI Matrice 600, DJI S1000Typhoon H, Parrot Bebop 2MD4-3000 and others, the system is the most cost-effective tethered solution on the market. The system is customizable to meet customer requirements.

The use of a tether system attached to a lower-cost, prosumer drone provides an inexpensive endurance solution for commercial drone programs.  MMC’s T1 universal drone tethering system brings long flight times to a new segment of the market, priced out of larger enterprise solutions like alternative fuel drones.



The T1 Tether System offers a robust set of features designed for the commercial market, including:

  • Unlimited drone tether power for 24/7 operation.
  • Cables of up to 200m flight altitude for a wide range of commercial applications.
  • Customizable and drone agnostic
  • Integrated design combining tethering system with plug and play payloads for different missions.


The T1 Tether System is ideal for continuous drone flight in a limited area.  Applications such as persistent aerial surveillance, temporary telecommunications, traffic monitoring, mobile network relay stations, industrial inspection, air monitoring, and more benefit from tethered drone technology.  Integration with MMC’s unique plug-and-play payload system provides for a wide range of sensors, allowing for many different industrial applications with a single drone investment.  With a proven safety case and compelling return on investment, the T1 tether system has been adopted by customers around the world.