MMC Launches “Urban UAV Cruise Mode” in China root December 24, 2019

MMC Launches “Urban UAV Cruise Mode” in China

With the rise of VTOL drones, people seem to see the bright prospects of large-scale cruise operations in cities. In order to achieve unmanned aerial vehicle cruising in the complex geographical environment of mountains, seas, forests, and land, the fixed-wing drones are truly built into an aerial police platform in a modern police system. In response to various shortcomings of the current drone communication and operation modes, MMC has worked closely with the public security departments in many cities in China, and created the concept of covering the global area, remote controlling, applying to policement, which is called Urban Drone Cruise Mode.

This model has 4 main features:

1. Multipoint Relay, Comprehensive Coverage

The city’s omnidirectional cruise mode overcomes the problem of relay transmission of drone images and control signals. The system constructs a “cellular” communication relay network by deploying roaming base stations at high points in different areas of the city and combining urban layout and terrain. Automatically matching the best base station, achieving city-wide coverage and stable cable transmission of drone signals, enabling smooth flight in complex terrain environments

2. Remote Control, Multi-Point Takeoff

“Distributed” UAV take-off and landing points are deployed in many cities. The police remotely control the drone take-off at the command center, and plan the route for autonomous flight. You can use the PTZ to conduct ground reconnaissance, evidence collection, search and monitor without leaving home.

Remote Control in cruise mode

3. Video Sync sharing

The video images of the MMC control center can be synchronized and pushed to the police terminals at all levels of command centers, mobile command vehicles, and grass-roots police stations in real time. To enhance the ability of multiple police types of air-ground integration operations.

cruise mode monitoring

4. Long Flight Duration

The establishment of the city-wide cruising work mode has brought a large-scale, long-distance, normalized flight operation capability. While satisfying the practical application of policement, we should fully explore its application value, and help urban planning, Marine patrol, administrative law enforcement, forestry patrol, emergency rescue and other urban fine management work.

Since more than half a year of trial operation, MMC drones have accumulated more than 180 flights and 260 hours of safe flight. They have completed more than 40 police combat tasks including case investigation, emergency response, and large-scale event security, and cooperated with the relevant departments of the city to complete ” More than 20 government and emergency tasks, including the “Special Inspection of Pine Wood Nematode Disease”, the “Special Inspection of Illegal Aquaculture in the Offshore Area of the City”, and “Aviation Inspection of Dust Pollution Control in the City”, have effectively promoted the innovation and upgrade of urban governance methods, and at the same time enhanced policement efficiency.