MMC’s Aviation Academy Gets Drone Programs Off the Ground root May 16, 2017

MMC’s Aviation Academy Gets Drone Programs Off the Ground

One of the primary barriers to entry for drone programs in the enterprise is education.  The adoption of drone technology requires new skills in any organization.  Businesses don’t only need professional pilots: they need training on industrial applications, aircraft assembly and repair, and fleet maintenance. Now MMC, China’s leading provider of industrial drone solutions introduces the Aviation Academy, designed to offer new drone professionals AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) certification courses.

MMC Aviation Academy is located at MMC’s state of the art facility at MMC Tech Park in Shenzhen. The Academy is one of the only institutes qualified to offer AOPA certification courses in China. New operators or businesses implementing drone programs for the first time can find a variety of coursework and worldwide job opportunities.

“Aviation Academy is the next step in services for all of our clients.  We offer our customers all of the solutions they need to be successful with an industrial drone program – including professional level training throughout the organization,” says Leo, Liu, MMC’s CEO. “We’re excited to be one of the only professional level, AOPA certification programs in China.”

Customers and Students Can Choose Coursework in:

  • Basic and Intermediate Professional Pilot Training Course
  • MMC drone pilot certifications
  • Commercial drone payloads operation knowledge;
  • Hydrogen drone system operation knowledge
  • Industrial drone assembly & maintenance
  • Industrial Drone Applications

MMC Aviation Academy offers courses for both recreational drone fliers and commercial drone operators.  Commercial operators completing industrial application training can establish themselves as leaders in their chosen field of expertise, expanding their job opportunities and advancing their careers within enterprise organizations.