How drones benefit the power industry? root January 8, 2019

How drones benefit the power industry?

Regarding the powers line inspection, The scene that linemen walk along with the trails climbing the poles and risk their lives to do routine maintenance checks will come to our mind .Whether it is freezing cold winter or hot summer , their “high-altitude figure” is  quite impressive outdoors.

The traditional inspection process is that the inspector personally visits the site to check the line. The targets are mainly towers, wires, transformers, insulators, crossarms etc. and is recorded in paper medium and computer. Throughout the year, a patrolman can only travel more than 2,000 kilometers a year, and if he uses a drone instead of a manual inspection, the efficiency can be increased by up to 40 times.

The Professional UAVs for inspection are usually equipped with various payloads such as a optical camera or an infrared sensor to perform automatic inspection on the distribution line. The ground station system can be used to view the scene in real time, and the data can be transmitted back to the power company big data analysis platform for analysis and automatically detecting the power equipment. A High end drone like the Notus 90 is better suited for doing transmission line maintenance . It provides a reliable high-performance flight platform With endurance of 50 minutes , MMC camera with high zoom capability and Modular design renders the Notus 90 apt for power-line monitoring.

For the High precision mapping, Skylla 1550 attached with LIDAR are suggested.This accelerates problem detection and diagnosis.

Of course, the power inspection UAV has more complex technical requirements than the consumer drones, such as image transmission , flight control , and anti-interference ability. MMC drones has already been widely used for transmission line inspection of the state grid in recent years . It has solved many technical barriers of flight operation and became the good helper for power industry.