The sky is NOT the limit

MMC has more than eight years' experiences in the development of industrial drones. Through an inventive and sincere approach to its customers, products and team members, MMC provides the ideal drone platforms and excellent solutions.

MMC drones offer extensive applications enabling our clients to realize their full business potentials while protecting the environment. Check out MMC drone solutions and see which is perfect for your business, then let us show you what is above the sky and how can you push the envelope.

The sky is our home

With the vision of letting the sky to be our home, MMC has stood out by its innovation and resourcefulness in Shenzhen (Asian Silicon Valley) which is an extremely popular UAV hub and home to prominent aero technologies.

Especially, MMC launched the hydrogen fueled drone, which is lifting the UAVs industry into a new level. The road towards success requires both persistence and wisdom. Our CEO and founder Lu Zhihui has been striving for a revolutionary technology and incredible development of multi-copter from the very beginning.

Smart Investments

MMC owns the biggest carbon fiber frame factory in Asia with the establishment and development of injection products processing and production of injection molds and carbon fiber mold.

MMC has shifted most of its production potential into UAVs, model airplane and quad-copters. The production and development of multi-rotor model airplanes and copters are not only limited to MMC’s own need, but also open for any OEM companies.

Trustworthy MMC professionals

Our team is filled with experienced elites who have gained their experience working for giants in technology such as Huawei and Lenovo. We have established the multilingual departments and with the constantly expanding overseas offices, we are very confident in emphasizing our capacity on achieving all our clients’ needs and providing them with the most satisfied products and service.

Today we can proudly emphasize that our team is ambitious, young, interactive, international and versatile. Due to our roaring growth, we can say that there is no limit to our success!

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